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Energy Care Optima Solatube

ECO Friendly Daylighting Systems

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Solatube EnergyCare Optima 160DS and 290DS

Solatube E.C.O. Series

The Energy Care Optima enhancement is an option available for the BBA Certified Solatube Brighten Up Series (pitched or flat roof) to enhance the thermal and acoustic properties of the Solatube Daylighting System to those of Passive House standard.

Combine the Brighten Up Series with our Energy Care Optima enhancement for even better thermal & acoustic properties

Energy Care Optima

U-value as low as 0.5W/m²K Improved acoustic efficiency
Meets passive house standards
5 additional components
Available for pitched & flat roofs 1
99.7% reflective tube material
Up to 15 sqm light coverage

Solatube EnergyCare Optima with up to 15m2 spread of daylight

Solatube EnergyCare Optima wins at Build It

Built to WIN!

Inner Dome
Insulated Flashing
Flashing Insulator
Climate Control Lense
Tube Insulation

The above innovations combined with the efficiency of the Brighten Up series systems lead the SolaTube Energy Care Optima to victory at the 2016 Build It Awards for Innovation in Insulation.

Included in the Kits ...
Double-glazed, polycarbonate (TpA rated) roof dome
Insulated roof flashing: twin-skinned upstand + flashing insulator (flat or pitched versions available)
Extension tubes (quantity as specified)
Two 0-30° adjustable angle adaptors (top and bottom sections)
Internal climate control lens
Double-glazed Vusion Diffuser

Energy Care Optima Cross Section

  1. Inner dome - Additional dome provides doubleglazed element at roof level
  2. Insulated roofing flashing - Twin-skinned, insulated flashing, available for flat or pitched roof
  3. Flashing insulator - Neoprene layer to seal and insulate the roof flashing
  4. Climate control lens - Creates thermal compartments within the tube
  5. Tube insulation - External tube insulation jacket to BS EN12667 & ISO8302 (0.0345 W/m²K)

At roof level …
The Solatube inner dome, insulated flashing and flashing insulator combine to provide greater insulation at roof level.

In the tube …
The Solatube Climate Control Lens provides additional compartmentalisation to minimize air movement, and the multi-layer foil to BS/EN 12667 & ISO8302 (0.0345W/m2K) ensures the tube is highly insulated.

At diffuser level …
The Solatube Vusion ceiling diffuser is already double-glazed by means of the Effect Lens situated just above it.