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Diffusers and glass decorative fixtures are available for both the
Solatube 160DS and 290DS models ...

Solatube Decorative Fixtures enhance the look of any interior with options that range from practical to elegant to dazzling. For even more customization, our specially designed Effect Lenses let you select the specific light color and intensity. It all adds up to maximum output with maximum flexibility.

The QuadraFrost, the AuroraGlo, and the VividShade decorative fixtures are designed exclusively to complement the larger 290DS Series.

Classic Vusion Diffuse Classic Vusion DiffuseClassic Vusion Diffuser

Vusion Diffuser

Classic Vusion Diffuser ...
Featuring a classically simple design, the Vusion Diffuser delivers radiant light that complements any room, this diffuser is supplied as standard.

It has a white ceiling trim and subtle prismatic lens to complement all decors.

Vusion Ceiling Diffuser

Optiview Diffuser

Classic OptiView® Diffuser ...
Also with a white ceiling trim, this stylish diffuser uses Fresnel lenses to give you a view up towards the sky for a stunning effect.

The unique, dazzling lens of OptiView delivers artful views of the sky in a low-profile design.

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Classic OptiView DiffuserClassic OptiView DiffuserClassic OptiView Diffuser

OptiView Glass Decorative FixtureOptiView Glass Decorative FixtureOptiView Glass Decorative Fixture

Optiview Glass Fixture

OptiView Glass Decorative Fixture ...
This ceiling fitting combines a ring of frosted glass with the dazzling lenses of the OptiView diffuser. Brilliant!

Again, the unique, dazzling lens of OptiView delivers artful views of the sky in a low-profile design.

OptiView Glass Decorative Fixture

JustFrost Glass Fixture

JustFrost Glass Decorative Fixture ...
A simple yet elegant glass option, JustFrost is a single layer of frosted, tempered safety glass with three silver-metallic studs.

Simply stunning, JustFrost showcases sunlight in a clean, contemporary design.

JustFrost Glass Decorative Fixture
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Solatube diffusers are designed to complement aesthetics with functionality ... 

The Solatube ceiling fitting is the most visible element of your daylighting system, one you will see every day. For this reason, we make sure our diffusers and ceiling fixtures are stylish, well-made and attractive — as well as functional. All ceiling fittings are double-glazed at ceiling level, providing a thermal barrier between the roof void and the room below.

Double glazed diffusers save energy