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Universal Parallel Flashing for south facing pitched roofs

Parallel Flashing

Ideally suited to capture light on south facing roofs with a pitch of less than thirty degrees

Slate and plain tile angled metal flashing

Angled Flashing

The angled upstand is best suited to roofs with more acute pitch, and is not south-facing

Solatube Flat Roof installation

Flat Roof Application

The Flat Roof upstand flashing is appropriate for roofs  with a flat, uncontoured finish

Solatube curb mount is ideal for Green Roof applications

Curb Mounted

Curb mounted system eliminate the ingress of water through papillary action

Flat and plain tile metal parallel flashing

 Slate & Plane Tile

The appropriate flashing for roof finishes that are not curved or contoured

Slate and plan tile metal flashing


Designed for roof finishes that are curved or contoured, as with interlocking tiles

Universal flashing with pitched upstand

Universal Angled

The universal flashing can be moulded to match the shape of the roof tiles or cladding

Curb mount flashing precludes moisture capilliary action

Curb Mount

For 290DS - designed to seal onto a pre-formed upstand used in flat roof applications

Solatube Energy Care Optima System

Energy Care Optima

Designed to minimize heat loss in winter and reduce heat gain in summer


SolaMaster Commerce

Roof-top capturing of natural and transference it into building interiors

Solatube Skyvault for shopping malls, warehouse, factories that need massive daylight delivery

SkyVault Commercial

Big tubes for big spaces. Delivering massive amounts of daylight to high-volume areas

Infinity extension tubes are the most effective available

Infinity Tubes

To further enhance your Infinity extension tubes span the distance - roof to ceiling

Solatube standard opaque ceiling diffuser

Vusion Diffuser

Roof-top capturing of natural and transference it into building interiors

unique, dazzling lens of OptiView delivers artful views of the sky

Optiview Diffuser

Stylish diffuser gives view up towards the sky for a stunning effect

JustFrost ceiling fitures offer added elegance to the standard frosted lens

TierDrop Glass

Elegant simplicity, The TeirDrop diffuser oozes opulence

Solatube Accessories and Components


To further enhance your Solatube Kit consider an Electric Light Add-on, a Daylight Dimmer, or perhaps a Bathroom Ventilation Kit

160DS and 290DS Brighten Up Series.

250mm and 350mm diameter BBA Certified Solatube Brighten Up systems are ideal for residential use and smaller spaces in commercial applications.

The Solatube 160 DS is ideal for introducing daylight to areas up to 10 square metres such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, hallways, corridors and landings. Optional accessories include electric light-kit, electric daylight dimmer, bathroom ventilation and the widest range of ceiling fittings — including glass.

The Solatube 290 DS delivers around twice the light output of the Solatube 160 DS and is ideal for larger areas up to 18 square metres. Optional accessories for this system include electric light-kit and daylight dimmer system, as well as our full range of ceiling fittings.

160DS and 290DS Energy Care Optima Series

All the benefits of the Brighten Up Series plus the Energy Care Optima enhancement is an option available for the Brighten Up Series to improve the thermal and acoustic properties of the Solatube Daylighting System to those of the Passive House standards.
Unrivalled daylight delivery all day long, all year long, plus thermal insulating properties achieving up to 0.5W/m2K; and Acoustic insulating properties to 49 Rw (dB)

SolaMaster Commercial Series

530mm diameter for commercial applications such as offices, classrooms, healthcare, retail, factories, schools

SkyVault Commercial Series

740mm diameter systems for expansive areas such as sports halls, large storage facilities and distribution centres

Raybender® 3000 Dome – lights the way

Only Solatube® uses Fresnel lenses in the dome to refract light into the top of the tube, actively harvesting daylight into the system.

It also employs a simple reflector system, LightTracker™, to catch light that hits the dome from lower angles. In real terms, this could mean as much as twice as much light entering the top of the tube than on any other system.

EDCS (Effective Daylight Capturing Surface)

This represents the surface area of the dome that collects and redirects sunlight. As a comparison, a clear dome with no lens on a typical 10 inch tube system has an EDCS of 78.5 square inches, as opposed to the 160 square inches of the Solatube® 160 DS

Flashings for Flat Roofs, Parallel & Angled Upstands, Universal Flashing, Slate & Plain Tiles, Interlocking Tiles, Curbmounts

We offer a wide range of BBA approved, fully tested Solatube roof flashings ensure watertight performance and straight-forward installation for virtually any UK roof type and pitch.

In addition to the standard flat and pitched roof flashing kits, a number of bespoke flashings are available for more challenging roof types such as standing seam, metal roof tile, wall-mounted and sedum (green roofs)

Spectralight® Infinity - the most reflective tube on the planet

These tubes are manufactured with a material called Spectralight® Infinity, the most reflective material in the world.

At 99.7% reflectivity, no other system will deliver as much light into your home. And even though some competitor systems boast figures of up to 98%, in a typical installation, this could mean that 30% of the original light volume is lost, compared to around 6% in a Solatube, while cheaper, flexible-duct systems would be losing around 90% of the original light.

Stylish, double-glazed diffusers.

With a choice of four diffuser styles, you’re guaranteed to find a design to complement your home.

Solatube diffusers not only distribute the light evenly around the room, they are double-glazed to ensure that they don’t heat the room up in summer or let heat out in the winter.

They are also UV shielded to help prevent fading of you carpet and furnishings.

Enhance your Solatube Kit with these optional extras.

Solatube Electric Light kit (available for Solatube 160DS and 290DS)

The Electric light kit offers the convenience of a switched electric light for night time use and, because it integrates neatly into your Solatube Daylighting System, and reduces the need for two separate ceiling fixtures. The Electric Light kit requires (within the tube) a minimum install distance of 400mm.

Solatube Electric Daylight Dimmer™ (available for Solatube 160DS and 290DS)

At times, it may be necessary to reduce the amount of daylight entering a space. The Daylight Dimmer fits inside the Solatube and allows you to block out some or all of the daylight at the press of a switch.

Solatube Bathroom Ventilation kit (for the Solatube 160DS only)

Innovative and efficient, this kit integrates fully into your Solatube Daylighting System offering a neat, stylish solution for lighting and ventilating bathrooms or en-suites through one ceiling fitting.

The optional Electric Light kit can be combined to provide a truly multi-functional system and can be supplied with Vusion, OptiView diffuser or glass ceiling fittings. It is supplied with a pull cord switch and a fascia/soffit exit vent as standard.