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Solatube Spectralight Infinity®
99.7% super reflective rigid tubing — exclusive to Solatube. The Spectralight Infinity is a proprietary tube material that has a specular reflectance of over 99%!
It is the most reflective material used in any tubular daylighting system, and is produced exclusively for Solatube Daylighting Systems, and is used on all reflective surfaces within the system.

Two adjustable angles included with every system
Each kit is supplied with two 0-30 degree angles. These are not optional extras. The two adjustable angles are included as standard, so there are no hidden costs.

0-90 Degree adjustable angle extension tubes.
In more complex installations with unusual corners or obstructions, it may be necessary to make further turns in the tube.
The 0-90 degree angle adjuster allows for up to 90 degree turns.

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