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Questions & answers

Who are we? 

just-rooflights.com is part of Insulation Online Limited, a business that was established on November 6, 2000 to promote and sell roof insulation, Shortly after the launch of insulation-online.com and just-insulation.com, we started selling tubular sun-pipes and created just-rooflights.com as a vehicle to promote these complementary products.

We believe it is important that you know with whom you are dealing. We don't hide behind PO Box numbers nor anonymous telephone numbers. We do provide 0333 numbers so that you may speak with us at no more than standard geographical call rates (commonly included within the free minutes of your landline or mobile phone contract) but we also provide regular landline numbers for you to use, if you so wish ... Tel: 01293775376 - Fax: 01293 220194.

Why are our prices so competitive, and such good value? 

Our mission is to bring our customers the very best products at the very best prices. Due to our high volume of sales, we have managed to negotiate levels of pricing with the Manufacturers or their nominated Distributors that are normally reserved for their very largest business accounts. We then pass on these great prices directly to our customers. As our prices only include a small handling charge to cover our time, credit card transaction fees, and some small expenses, our prices have to be some of the most competitive available to medium / small builders and builders' merchants. Our customers also include self-builders, D.I.Y. enthusiasts, and retail buyers.

Can we help resolve your questions and understanding? 

We endeavour to attain a detailed working knowledge of every product that we sell, and we are happy to share this knowledge. Commonly, we represent only one manufacturer, but on occasions, where similar products are available, we provide alternative, and where there is confusion as to the most appropriate products to fulfil our customers' needs, and we can offer advice related to the pros and cons of these items.

Our web sites have 'Download' pages, which offer easy access to the latest product information, including technical literature and drawings; engineers' data sheets; installation booklets; promotional brochures, video clips; et cetera.

How secure is your information when buying from your web site?

We never share any information that we receive from our visitors and customers with third parties, with the exception of delivery details where appropriate. Payments made over the Internet are handled by Realex Merchant Services, which is a very secure facility, and we never see our customers credit or debit card details. Although payment via Realex / Streamline is the most secure way to effect financial transactions with us, we understand that some of our customers may not have ready access to the Internet, or may simply prefer to deal with a real person. Under these circumstances we are happy to accept telephone orders and payment details, but again your information is secure, and will not be divulged to unauthorised parties.

Why don't we accept payment by monthly accounts?

Our operations are geared to keep costs to a minimum, and one of the main reasons that we can offer such great value is that we do not have to support a large administration to set up and maintain credit accounts, then possibly have to chase payments, and cover the costs of bad debts. Equally, we do not incur extra costs by seeking extended payment options from the manufacturers or their distributors

June 2016
Jun 11

Complete rewrite of www.just-rooflights.com

We bring our visitors the best possible browsing experience, regardless of the platform being used at the time - desktop, notebook, tablet or mobile phone.

Not only have we included information of the entire Solatube product range, both domestic and commercial, but we have simplified the process of selection the most appropriate Solatube Kit for your needs.

  1. Visit the 'Buy Solatube' Page
  2. Select the Kit that is most appropriate from nine types listed
  3. Select the required Solatube Diameter 250mm or 350mm, along with your preferred Ceiling Diffuser
  4. Select the roof to ceiling install distance from the price-list
  5. Click the 'Add to Cart' button to buy, or to add accessories

January 2102
Jan 12

Rewrite - www.just-rooflights.com

Web site rewritten to include all of the latest Solatube products, including the new Energy Care Optima Series, which Solatube had created exclusively for the UK market

December 2008
Dec 02

just-rooflights.com - upgrades from Sola Skylights to Solatube

Over time, significant research, and consequent innovation took place in the design and manufacture of tubular rooflights.

Due to the advances in rigid tube 'Daylighting Systems' technology, the ease of installation combined with very significant improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of the transfer of natural daylight ... the previously popular, easy to install, flexible tubing products used between roof and ceiling fell from favour.

In line with our ethos to offer, 'the very best products at the very best prices', we discontinued the sale of flexi-tube systems in favour of the rigid tube brand Solatube, which remains, the market leader.

June 2004
Jun 28

Launch - www.insulation-online.com

just-insulation.com, launched some seven months earlier, was already proving to be a great success. We subsequently found that we could reduce our prices even further by increasing the minimum order size, and optimising delivery costs by using larger trucks.

So, insulation-online.com was developed to offer even better value on orders exceeding £500 that were delivered on 28 ton lorries.

April 2004
Apr 06

Launch - www.just-heating.com

Building upon our experience with gas boilers and cast iron radiators, we created a web presence to promote and sell, nation-wide the electric boilers and combination radiators of the Electric Heating Company, Glasgow

Apr 1

Launch www.just-rooflights.com

Daylighting systems such as sky tunnels or light-tubes were introduced around the time of the millennium. At that time the flexi-tube variety was very affordable.  We created a website to sell such products which feature the products of our client, Sola Skylights

November 2003
Nov 14

Launch - www.just-insulation.com

Having created websites and promoted them for our clients, we decided to adjust our ethos, and create, operate, and sell products over the internet ourselves. Our new philosophy was simple - 'Sell the very best products at the very best prices.' And, reward larger orders with even bigger discounts.

We believed that we could build our business to a level that we could negotiate prices that had previously been accorded to only the largest national accounts. We would then pass on these discounts to our customers, and offer a personal service and follow-up that was all too uncommon then, as it is today

November 2000
Nov 06

Start-up - Computer S.O.S. Limited

Created an online facility to promote the latest innovations in the building industry. Initially concentrating on heat reflective membranes

we quickly branched out into the creation and publication of building products information through just-editorial.com. Our clients included Clyde Combustions Ltd; Sola-Skylights Ltd; Lonsdale Metal; Omegabuild Ltd; FastrackCAD; Haddontone Architectural Stonework, Hauraton Ltd