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Solatube 290DS Curb Mount Kit with Parallel Upstand for Flat Roofs

Includes: 160DS or 290DS System ... Acrylic or Polycarbonate Dome, Roof Tube, Ceiling Tube, Natural Effect Lens. Fixings and Fasteners, and Installation Instructions.

Dome options ...
Acrylic domes are the standard dome used for domestic buildings. Tp(b) fire rated. More impact resistant than glass. Higher light transmittance than the polycarbonate dome as well as glass. Guaranteed against discolouration.
Polycarbonate domes are used for commercial and public buildings or for multiple system installs in domestic buildings. Tp(a) fire rated. More impact resistant than the Acrylic dome. Slightly less light transmittance than the Acrylic dome.

Includes: 290DS Curb Mount Flashing Pack ... Solatube Curb Mount Flashing, Solatube Flashing Insulator UKSQ and Solatube sealant – Geocel

Includes: 160DS or 290DS Extension Tubes ... please select the kit with the required install length, which will include the appropriate number of Straight Extension Tubes - each 610mm in length - to link the roof tube (A Tube) to the ceiling tube (B Tube).

Includes: 160DS or 290DS Ceiling Diffuser ... select from the appropriate section below.

Optional: 160DS or 290DS Adjustable Angle Extension Tubes ... for more complex installations with corners and/or obstructions.
Select one or more 0-to-90 degree angle adjustable tubes in Optional Accessories & Components section, below.

Solatube Diffusers - Brief Descriptions ...

  • Vusion Diffuser
    A subtle prismatic lens to complement all decors, surrounded with a white ceiling dress ring
  • Optiview Diffuser
    An attractive Fresnel lens providing views up through the tube towards the sky, surrounded with a white ceiling dress ring
  • JustFrost glass ceiling fixture
    A single layer of frosted, tempered safety glass provides an simple yet elegant fixture for your ceiling
  • Optiview glass ceiling fixture
    Combines the simple elegance of the JustFrost fixture with the Optiview’s Fresnel lens