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    Solatube light tunnels, specifically designed for installation in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications

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    Solatube capyures natural daylight
  • Solatube delivers natural daylight

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    Solatube cares about the appearance of indoors as well as outside. Ceiling diffusers can be attractive as well as functional

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Solatube Daylighting Systems - delivering beautiful natural light directly into your property

Daylighting System Market Leader

Solatube delivers the best possible daylighting solution

BBA (British Board of Agrément)

Certified with the mark of quality, safety and reliability of Solatube’s fitness-for-purpose and compliance

Widest product selection

Solatube Daylighting Systems offer the widest choice for the greatest design and creative options

Award Winning

The Energy Care Optima enhancement for SolaTube's Brighten Up Series won its category at Build It Awards 2016

Beautiful Aesthetics

Solatubes are not only stylish, well-made and attractive, as well as being entirely functional

Wide range of applications

Ideal for bringing natural light into bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, loft conversions, and larger areas

Ultra Modern Design

Applying innovative technologies to tunnel brilliant daylight from any roof top to dark and windowless areas

Energy Saving and Efficiency

Reduces costly lighting during daylight hours, The energy Care Optima also addresses acoustic and thermal issues

Domestic, Commercial,  Industrial

Eminently suitable for installation in domestic properties, offices, shopping malls, factories, and more

Design & Buy your Solatube Kit

Starting from the uppermost element, the following information will be required ...
1. The  direction to which the roof that is to host the Dome faces
2. The degrees of elevation of the roof pitch.
3. Distance from the apex of the roof to where the Dome is to be located
4. Outer roof cladding - pitched roof with slate or tile. Flat roof finish, lead, bitumen, aluminium, profiled steel etcetera,
5. In the case of roof tiles, the tile brand and/or description of the tile type, such as plain / composite slate, or plain tile, interlocking tile, cement poly tile, etcetera

The occasion of installing a Solatube sun tunnel could be just the right time to consider the status of your loft insulation, particularly if an 'Energy Care Optima System has been selected.For bulk purchasesof insulation,  we recommend our associates www.insulation-online.com

Requiring Larger quantities of insulation? The, visit Iinsulation-online.com Minimum order £500.00 ex-VAT. Delivery vehicles size - 28 tonsn sulatin? Visit insulation-online.com Minimum order £500.00 ex-VAT. Delivery vehicles size - 28 tons

The most direct, unobstructed, roof to ceiling distance required to install the the tube connecting the roof dome to the ceiling diffuser
Next working day delivery (direct from the factory to your door) on stock items, ordered before 10am: Minimum order level - £175.00 ex-VAT. Free delivery on orders over £250.00

Ensure the appropriate size of Solatube® Daylighting System is selected, which is dependent upon the area to be lit. Also take into account the ceiling to roof height — if it is higher than average you may need to consider a larger diameter system.

Measure the distance between the roof and the ceiling to determine the quantity of extension tubes required. All reflective extension tube joints should overlap a minimum of 50mm and be fixed together using the aluminium tape (provided) and for very long or angled tube lengths, use the self-tapping screws (provided) is recommended.

Having identified the appropriate Solatube diameter and system length, next on the agenda is the roof flashing into which the dome is fitted above, and the reflective tubes below, The flashing's purpose is, while stopping the ingress of the outside elements, to position the dome so that it can capture the optimal amount of natural daylight. From the point of view of capturing daylight, Flashings come in two varieties, Parallel and Angled.

The Parallel flashing sit flush with the roof  and are most suitable for south facing roofs with a pitch of 30 degrees or less. Angled flashings are designed for use on more steeply pitched roofs, and on roofs that are not directly south facing. They are located as close to the roof apex as possible, so that they can harvest the maximum amount of natural daylight. Equally important, is the flashing's purpose to arrest the ingress of rain, sleet or snow. Flashings should closely fit the contours of the slates, tiles or other external cladding, to ensure the system is water proof

To make it as simple as possible to select the Solatube Kit that is most appropriate to the requirements of your project, we have created a number of complete kits. These kits are categorised, then listed in order of the roof to ceiling install distance. One variable is the Ceiling diffuser, of which the basic 'Vusion' Diffuser is included within the kit price. The facility to upgrade to a more elegant diffuser is included, and is simple to select.

We only sell complete kits. Each kit contains everything that is needed for a successful installation. A small selection of accessories is available to add to your kit, should you feel the need.

Our Pricing

The cost of a Solatube Kit is dependent upon the amount of natural light required to be projected into a property. Pricing will also be impacted by the type of roof flashing, ceiling diffuser selected, and the addition of accessories and optional components

  • 160DS & 290DS
  • £230.00
  • 160DS from £230.00, 2900DS from £340.00 
    Pricing for full kits, which include VAT and Delivery.

  • P.O.A.
  • Priced on Application, the SolaMaster and the SkyVault systems are designed exclusively for commercial installations.


Solatube Daylighting Systems

Just Rooflights is a nominated supplier of Solatube Daylighting Systems.
Choose from six product variations ...
Aimed at the domestic market and smaller commercial enterprise are the Brighten Up Series - 160DS (250mm diameter) and 290DS (350mm diameter) , plus the 160DS Energy Care Optima, and the 290DS Energy Care Optima.
Created for the Commercial and Industrial sectors are the SolaMaster, and the SkyVault Series. These series offer 530mm and 740mm diameter systems respectively